Our services range from machining to full engine builds.

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Block being machined to accept new components. Overboring an engine block. Verifying positions of cylinder bores.


Our Equipment

We have an array of specialized equipment designed for maximum precision.

Sunnen SV-10
The latest in cylinder honing technology. This machine utilizes Sunnen's new diamond hone head providing variable independent spindle and stroke drive motors which allows virtually any crosshatch angle to be obtained. Its patented full bore profile display projects a real time display allowing us to dwell in the exact location where bore is visually smaller - no other machine has this. We are capable of honing cylinders from 3.060" to 4.625."
Sunnen LBB1660
This machine produces round straight honed bores. It has the ability to resize rods, pin fit pistons/rods, and hone piston liners for automobiles as well as snowmobiles, motorcycles, ATV's and small watercraft recreational vehicles.
Sunnen / RMC-V20 Engine Component Machine Center
This equipment can machine cylinder blocks to factory blueprints or machine from auto probe positions. It has the ability to bore and deck from true cam-crank centerline. It can surface cylinder heads and blocks to surfaces that exceed multi layer steel head gasket RA (roughness average) standards. It can also machine lifter bushings, cylinder sleeves, and o-rings.
VGS-20 Valve Guide and Seat Machine with VR8000 Valve Grinder
This machine fits any head up to 48 inches. Capable of multi angle cutting valve seats and replacing valve seats and guides. This can machine performance valve seats and those for larger springs. It can grind any valve to any seat angle and any back cut angle.
CH100 Line Hone
Offers alignment and sizing of main bearing bores. This meets or exceeds original factory accuracy for alignment, roundness and size.

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